Friday, October 30, 2009

The Tata Nano

Bayer manager and the medical representative visited the clinic today. After their detailing was over, they requested me to see a surprise outside--instinctively I asked whether it was a car , which the rep or manager might have bought. They said it was a Nano and would like me to drive it. Bayer has been alloted 1 car and after another manager used it for a few days, he handed it over to this manager, who stays at Airoli and on his visits to Thane, has made it a point to make the first call at my clinic and then proceed to the others on his list. This was one of those days.

So I drove it from my clinic, giving smiles to all people staring at it, to the service road and took a u-turn at 3 haat naka and came back. Wheel turn is fabulous.

The height is good just like the Wagon R, which I have at present , wheels are small -- scooter or rick size, quite roomy in front, don't know about the rear seats, front seats are reclining, gear and hand brake same as wagon r . Dashboard is basic-- speedometer on top at windscreen level, below are the 2 AC outlets with the controls below it, single wiper , accelerator, brake and clutch placed comfortably as the Wagon R and not at an angle to accommodate the right front wheel hump inside like the Maruti 800 or the Santro. Steering though powered felt very stiff. It was also a bumpy ride -- could be comfortable if loaded. It has power windows.

This was the advanced model 186000/= on road. basic model 126000/= on road. He was telling me that one has to take good care in avoiding potholes. He had taken a ride on a climb near Nerul with total 4 people , but had to shift to 2nd and even 1st gear. Felt less power. Should be good in cities but with good roads.

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