Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sahara Star

A seminar was organized by Merck of USA, a pharmaceutical company, at Sahara Star Hotel, formerly, The Centaur, near the Santacruz Airport. I was very eager to see it as on many of my visits to the airport, I could see some renovation going on to the old Centaur, under huge blue colored sheets. It used to be an eyesore, seeing the mess right in the middle of the road.

The entrance is facing the airport and a very complicated drive way almost to the rear of the hotel takes you to the reception area. The look here is very deceptive, as it is small compared to other star hotels and then on entering the main door, the majestic view enfolds before the eyes.

It is circular with all room balconies facing the central part, which has a garden, waterfalls and a small lake. In the balconies we could see people relaxing in chairs and looking down on what must be a great sight. I have made plans to stay there sometime.

Our talk was on the first floor mezzanine and the buffet was laid on the open space facing the central garden. On either side of the walkway from the seminar area to the garden are the hotel's restaurants. It was a grand evening

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