Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ride to Lonavla

A great idea planned extempore . After a few months of hectic work in the clinic, I was on breaking point and desperately wanted a change.

We decided to drive to Lonavla on Sunday, 5th October and visit the beautiful Durgeshwari temple, just off the old highway on the road going to Karla caves, do a bit of exploring of Lonavla and revive memories and then return back. To get more information about this Karla Durgaparmeshwari Math , visit this site, http://www.karlamath.org/Durgaparameshwari.htm

We left at about 8 in the morning and after a breakfast of ' wada pav ' at the food mall reached the temple at about 10.45.

We spent sometime there and went to the Tungarli area for a nostalgic visit. The area has changed totally from the times we stayed there in the late sixties. We saw the Varsha bungalow where we stayed, then towards the Tungarli dam area. It used to be an open countryside and now it is full of bunglows with little greenery left. Next we turned back and on to the road going to my school Don Bosco, which now has so many buildings, and so many houses in front. I used to walk or cycle to and from the school and home.

We then came back to the old highway and to the east to buy chikki and farsan from the famous National Chikki. The taste has not changed over the years and one just cannot like any chikki other than National's, once you have a taste of this.

We then came back to the west for lunch at the famous Chandralok .

This hotel was a small place in those days on the road leading to the VPS high school and the level crossing. There used to be a book store, owned by a Parsi lady, next to Chandralok and she used to resemble Indira Gandhi a lot--looks wise. Our family Physician, Dr. Rashingkar, had his clinic next to this store.

The Chandralok Hotel has a new look but its hospitality and food has not changed. It has a big dining area and a big waiting lobby.

The menu is typical Gujju food , very tasty and piping hot. Waiters always on their toes to attend with a big smile on.

We were fortunate not to have typical big weekend crowds in Lonavla as probably the school exams were still on. I was surprised with the ease with which we crossed to the east and found ample parking places everywhere.

On the way back . a slight drizzle and thick fog greeted us near Khandala. We had put off the AC and opened the windows to let the freshness in.

We returned by 3.30pm refreshed and eager to go back to work for the next week. The feeling was of having come back from a big vacation.

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