Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chokhi Dhani

I had an occasion to recently visit Chokhi Dhani, a resort showing the life in Rajasthan. Right from the welcome till the time we exited, we experienced the traditional warmth of Rajasthani culture. This place is on the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Road, off the National Highway going to Nashik and beyond.

A traditional welcome with aarti and to the beats of drums and a dancing ' horse '

Many stalls with folk music and dance.

The ladies are very graceful in their performance and balancing acts.

They also invite the guests to be part of the dance and it so relaxing to join them, watch their movements very closely and dance with them to the fascinating rhythm.

Also there was a performance by a flame thrower and fire eater. I knew that they use kerosene or petrol, but here I got no smell of either.

Was curious to know what he had used.

Next we visited a typical ' mahal ' , where we were treated to a delicious jowar roti with butter and jaggeri , a traditional mix.

On our way back we were fascinated with the ' champi malish ' stall. A professional masseur was attending to a visitor using traditional oils and methods to give him a nice massage.

We then did shopping, buying bangles made of sealing wax, in the traditional Rajasthani method and design. He would patiently attend to the clients, answering queries and remodeling the bangles to the desired shape and size, on hot charcoals.

The final attraction was the Rajasthani menu in the dinner, served sitting down and with the plate put on a small decorated stool. From afar we could not see anyone in the dining area, as all were sitting down and I was under the impression that the mess was yet to open.

Food was really tasty, but with lots of butter and oil and many sinfully heavy sweets.

We are not really used to eating this kind of stuff, but it is excused for a day to savor such items.

Returned home with memories of a good time spent on a weekend.


Khushi R said...

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Anonymous said...

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Smc Edu Group said...

Hey.... Nice Collection... I am sharing videos Related to Chokhi Dhani......
Woman Dancing
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