Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vaillankanni and Puducherri

This is from Rahul and Jean 's visit to the holy shrine of Vaillankanni in the last week of May .

What a lovely shrine as seen in the photo . I have a great wish to visit it , to pray and see the marvelous architecture.

I am adding a few photos of Pondicherri , where they had stayed for a few days before going further south to Vailankanni .

I have been a big critic the way people dirty the city out of habit or a national duty and wherever I have been , there seems to have been no exception .

I have now opened my mind after seeing the beautiful photos of Pondicherri from Rahul and Jeans trip.

I was very appreciative of the clean streets -- a rare site and wonder why it cannot be implemented all over India , especially the Metros or internationally famous cities like Bangalore , Pune to start with . It requires commitment from the politicians to lead first---not like Lallu spitting in his 'peek-dani '-- . People will also follow and obey if legislation is made , awareness comes from seeing leaders and celebrities -- film or sports . Yes it is a Tall Dream and too much to expect but I have not lost hope.

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