Friday, June 26, 2009

Manas Jain Mandir

Two years ago , on my return journey from an overnight stay for a seminar at Manas Resort Igatpuri , one of my doctor friends , Dr. Mohan Ahuja talked about this mandir . He was insisting on having a look as it was still under construction , though we were all keen on returning home . We took a detour off the highway on the right about a km in .

What a sight it was to see the beautiful Mandir on a small hillock , there was greenery all around, skies were overcast and a there was a drizzle to welcome us. We planned to come again and see in detail as we were not keen to spend more time there.

It was after two years that we made this trip on 13th June during Rahul and Jean's visit.Before we left , I checked up the exact location on Google maps as I was vaguely but wrongly remembering that the turn was immediately after coming down the Kasara Ghats . It was good that I checked up the location as the mandir is just before Shahapur , when going towards Nasik , near Asangaon station and the Kasara ghat is about 20 kms beyond. It is about an hours ride from Thane --50 kms .
[ The Main Entrance -- front view ]

[ The rear view of the Mandir ]

Lot of changes were noticed since my last visit. Work is still on but it seemed the major structures are done . I had read that it is the second largest Jain mandir in India .

[ The Kshetrapal of the Mandir ]

View of the Dharmashalas [ hostels ] for devotees

A sunset view of the Mauli Mountains --a favorite spot for trekkers -- in the background of the temple complex .

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