Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dream T20 World Team

We have just read that none of the Indian players figure in the Dream T20 World Team . How to react --- oh no-- what happened ---how come--or some protest on the streets or media . Nothing of that sort has happened . No one has reacted nor has any one of the players have anything to say.

If we look at the Indian cricket scene , it is sheer wonder economics and a lesson to be learnt at IIMs---filling the coffers -- the Boards and individual . The hell with nationalism !! After a loss in the super 8 to one team , next day the papers carried an interview with the vice captain Yuvi on the lack of net practice after a loss .He was quoted as curtly replying that we dont need any practice---All the players are well motivated and a good performance will come out in the next match --- I dont have the exact text to quote but it was something very arrogant and curt . The reporter had further compared the serious net practise during the IPL.

The tired and unfit team was allowed to participate in the T20 world cup . Why ?? Did we not have talent to replace them ? Some other team would have put in a better performance . If Mr. Modi wants to hold the IPL twice a year ,we should have at least 30 to 40 potential players lined up so that the best 11 can be picked up for a tournament other than the IPL , and not stick to a standard players who hide their injuries and dont allow another talented player to replace him --- Sehwag for example .

Special mention and Congrats to the Pakistani team .They were the fittest , having missed out on the IPL --so no money bags to carry on their heads --they played with a purpose with a clear mind and for a beligured nation and a national pride . We felt proud seeing them and dedicating the win to the nation and the people who reacted by talking about this win to change the peoples mindset and a will to end terrorism .

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