Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wow !!!! Three Weddings ?????

Wow !!! Three weddings ???

That's the reaction of my acquaintances when I describe the wedding ceremonies of Rahul and Jean .It was really an enjoyable experience to undergo three ceremonies in a span of ten days.

Rahul and Jean had their civil wedding on the 20th February at Hyderabad .

Here is the snap of Rahul and Jean at the entrance of the Registrar with documents got prepared from an agent across the road . They had planned to go through this function in these IIMK clothes , to act as a remembrance of their romantic introduction to each other at the IIMK campus.

The formalities went on smoothly in the hot afternoon at about 3.00 pm . A lot of signatures and paper work to go through , the authorities were very pleasant and conducted the proceedings very professionally . After the signing was over , the couple garlanded each other in the presence of her parents June and Edward , her brother John , Ashok-Nima , Rajiv-Neela , Satish- Nisha and Supriya and we two.

We greeted and congratulated each other ,sweets were distributed and then we proceeded to Jean's residence for some rest and an early delicious dinner .

Next day 21st February was the Church wedding at the Presbyterian Church at Abids

and later the reception at The Central Court Hotel at Lakdi-ka-pool .

The third wedding --ceremony was in Thane on the 1st March . We had a few days time in between the ceremonies , so could take a short break and again start on the finer tuning of preparations . Here are a few snaps of the traditional Hindu wedding ,

the ceremonies of which went on for 3 days 28th for " Devkarya ' , ' Haldi ' and ' Mehndi '-and the traditional ' Satyanarayan Pooja ' performed by the newly weds the next day -these functions require a separate post.

At last the Welcome Home ceremony . This is a typical photo -- the same tired and ' now leave us alone look ' that all newly married couples have .

What a relief all parents must be experiencing at this stage of the function . A feeling of great satisfaction that ' everything has gone off smoothly and we are back home after a successful end of a meticulously planned mission ' .

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