Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lazy Sunday mornings

Ding Dong !!!! the doorbell rings on a lazy Sunday morning .

On such a morning ,we , that is you all and we , are all relaxed , not yet showered , each one doing his own things as he wants , no time restrictions -- reading the paper ,-- working on the laptop in clothes completely in contrast to the daily formal attire and completing the office work --- final touches for Monday , -- rubbing the sore eyes and reliving the dream just completed or trying to wash off the hang over of the previous evenings binge , -- just out of the bathroom with just a towel round you and rushing to get into something decent , --- or spread out on the sofa in shorts and trying to figure out the newspaper headlines -----..

I had thought that this goes on in our house only but we realized that all homes are the same when we decided to visit our neighbors in the society to give invitations for Rahul - Jean 's wedding.

Sunday was the only suitable day for me , but were undecided on the time to visit the neighbors . We thought of finishing this very important work in the morning as we were sure of getting everyone at home and we presumed a majority to be unavailable in the evenings .

This blog is to present our experiences on visits to the neighbors on a Sunday morning

Well that is the exact picture we got on our visits . We did manage very efficiently to put everyone at ease by announcing the purpose of the visit as soon as the door was opened .

We rang the bell at one house, we could hear the yelling inside ' ABC open the door XYZ says you do it or tell PQR .Each one yelling to the other and no one really interested in getting up and answering the doorbell -- we are standing out with amused frustrated looks at each other ---finally the door opens and a bewildered looking housewife just out of the bath with a hurriedly drawn duppatta over the gown gives an apologetic smile and welcomes us in .

At another place ,we rang the bell -- no response --we ring again , we hear a male voice ' aalo aalo , ek 2 minitat alo ' [ coming coming in just 2 minutes ] . No one opens the door for a while , so we ring again , again the same announcements from within .We glance at each other and give a mischievous smile with a look that says 'Are you thinking what I am thinking ' This person is used to take back massage from the maid and since neither the wife nor the kids opened the door some wicked thoughts were filtering through my mind ---Shami had a sober guess ---he must be in the toilet or the bath--- . We waited for sometime and then gave up to give another try in the evening, Which Shami dared to do and came to know that he was indeed " sitting " for a bath , that's what he said----that suggests it must have been a long ceremonial bath -- and so must have taken so long.

One more neighbor opened the door in a night gown with a broom in the hand . Seeing us at the door and hearing our purpose of the visit ,she asked us to come in and rushed in the inner room ---we could distinctly hear her mutter " could have been better if you had come in the evening --such a big mess around and ' he ' is also out of town ---" We realized it was definitely a wrong time for her and she was making no efforts to hide her true feelings, but we knew her very well to be a very good lady . She came out with a duppatta and said that her maid was not to come and so she had to do the work , then she proceeded to complete the unfinished job and returned to give us a real traditional welcome , with coconut etc , done for the couple who had come to invite.

Now another house --we ring the bell --their teenage son opens the door and gives a bright smile. I just manage to see beyond the boy to his mother sitting on the sofa with a newspaper held in front. She glances to her right with an irritated look on her face with a query as to -- who could it be on this lazy morning-- she shuts off the paper and glances back at the door--on seeing us she gets up, gives a bright smile and welcomes us in. She is the only one in the house who is ready , decently attired and fresh from a shower ,being a working lady she must be having an obsessive compulsive desire to get ready even though it is Sunday. Her husband is in his shorts and topless working on a laptop --to whom she must have glanced at --the house is in a typical mess . He stops his work and rushes in to come out a bit totally clothed. They are really very warm people .

Another house , on the 3rd floor in the building facing ours , who can see what's going on in our house were probably anticipating our visit ---they were all ready and as soon as we entered made us sit and the center table started getting packed with dishes of assorted goodies.

Well that's for a Sunday morning

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