Friday, April 24, 2009

Devkarya , Haldi , Mehndi

First is the ceremony called Devkarya .The traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies are spread over a few days. The previous day is known as the day of Devkarya meaning a service to God .

A photo of the preparations under way, Mr Avinash Bapat the main Purohit in the picture.

A pooja with a ' Homa-havan ' is held and involves close relatives . In Rahul's wedding ,we had a few adaptations done to the ceremonies to accomodate the timings of the next day muhurt. It was also a great opportunity to perform some ceremonies from the girl's --Jean's --side , it turned out to be a good orientation programme for Supriya's wedding in future .

As the muhurt was in the late afternoon , the priest suggested to hold most of the ceremonies that did not involve Jean's family on the previous day. On the wedding day also 'he planned to finish most of the steps before the muhurt so that we all had sufficient time to get ready for the reception.

Devkarya pooja involves Ganesh poojan , next is Varun poojan , followed by Matruka pojan .

A photo of Rahul fully concentrating on the sanskrit slokas that he had to repeat after the Purohit.After the initial ceremonies we all had to go in to place the items seen in this photo , in the Pooja ghar [ Devara ] . Supriya is also seen collecting the all important ' karaa ', which she is supposed to carry the next day to the wedding venue--she has a very important role after the muhurta.

After this is Gruha poojan and Havan , as seen in this picture ,

and finally is Nandi-shraadha --that is remembering the ancestors and a service in their honour.

After this , the assembled relatives gave gifts to Rahul ,to us and Supriya and the ceremony was over.

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