Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lachar Dada

Dada Ganguly or Lachar Ganguly .

Just heard in todays afternoon news that Dada is to retire after the Aussie series . I imagined dada on his knees in front of the new chaiman and his old friend K.Srikant , begging him to be part of the series , and Srikant comforting him by saying ' arey beta don't cry ... I will adjust you ...but promise to step down after the series ...'

We all know it is hard for anyone to part with the ' lollies '. News reader was discussing about the other ' Oldies ' in the team and their lachari. Todays paper also carried an item on the average ages of the Aussies ---as if to defend the selection of our Oldies . When will we be seeing the young talent --- and it is childish to compare our Oldies with these Aussies , taking age as the criteria --they have kept up their talent and stamina alive at their respective ages and their selection is always on present performance and not like us --basking in old glory .

What these people do is hide the current poor performance of these ' past retirement Oldies ' under these news items . Why do all have to defend their selection .

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