Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Annual Ganapati Decoration

Back to writing a post after a long time .

Ganapati Festivities has just ended on Sunday . Every year I make some decoration for my Ganapati using some important event that has taken place in that year .This year was the Olympics and after seeing the photos of the main stadium The Birds Nest , I had made up my mind to use this theme .

It was a bit difficult as I had 2 photos from the India Today weeklies. One photo was in the night, beautifully lit , as seen in the picture below ,

and the other was a daylight one probably a rear view of the stadium .

I had to take measurements from the magazines and convert it to a scale to fit into my space in the drawing room unit .

In the end it did come of well but it could have been better . I had to abandon some items to the right of the stadium as seen in the night photo . I was happy to get the effect in the lake --the reflection of the structure of the stadium ---using a picture of a lake from a calender and covering it with a transparent gelatin paper .

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