Friday, July 04, 2008

Life on the Campus

This is the second in the backlog of posts to keep up the chronology of events .

After visiting Rahul's campus , I went back to my days in the hostel in our campus .When I was a student at the Grant Medical college , I stayed in the hostel in the final 2 semesters . I realized that as it was very tiring to return home late at night after extra lectures and go back to ward duty early in the morning , I decided to stay in the hostel. Till then I was commuting daily . We were very lucky that semester as a brand new hostel was inaugurated and we being seniors were given the first choice of the rooms . My group had done very well in the class and so being among the top we were given priority to choose the rooms . We were lucky to get rooms next to each other in the same wing and on the 5th floor , also each one had a separate room

It is good to have a good group when studying especially if one is staying in a hostel . One can interact on subject matters and also on family and social topics .

It is always good when there is someone in whom one can confide and share the pleasures and sorrows of life. It is human to have lows sometime , especially when one is away from the family , and it is at this time that very close friends come in the picture.

Many of my colleagues had an occasion to pair off and have become successful in their lives career wise and family wise till this date . I personally feel that this should be the way and very few are fortunate to find their soul mates on campus .
A decision taken at this level of education and at this mature age should always be appreciated. In this modern era parents do get surprised if their sons and daughters don't get a partner while studying . Parents should have confidence and faith in their children's decisions and help them settle in life. They should also pray for their long and successful life together , as there is a vast difference as students on campus and later on when responsibilities increase and tussles of life begin . That is the testing time to hold on !!!

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