Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yes Indeed I was ' There '

This is about a long overdue visit to Rahul's campus at IIM Kozhikode .

After attending a ' puja ' at Goa in the Shantadurga Temple , I had planned to extend the journey to Calicut [ Kozhikode ] and visit the campus .We reached there at 10 in the morning by Netravati Express which leaves Madgaon at 11.30 pm . In the afternoon Rahul took us to his campus and I just could not believe myself that I was indeed standing on the very grounds that I had seen in photos sent by Rahul or as seen on the IIM K website .

In 2006 , the year Rahul was admitted to IIM K , I had made a model of the classrooms for my annual 'Ganapati ' decoration . It was done painstakingly taking measurements from photos on the computer screen and converting it to a scale . I had not seen the buildings or the layout . It had turned out so good that Rahul had posted it on his blog
{ http://www.rahulgaitonde.org/2006/08/ } and made me a campus hero .

We went around the campus saw the huge and well stocked Library . the Computer room , the ' Thinking center ' , classrooms , canteen and hostels . We went to his room and had a good snooze there .

Well that was indeed a satisfying and refreshing trip to the great IIM K campus

Shatabdi Hazards

This was on a visit to Goa recently by the morning Shatabdi Express . On entering the bogey there is a doorway leading to the sitting chair car . To the left are the toilets and the connecting passage to the next bogey . From my seat , I noticed that a door was constantly opening and banging . The waiters and passengers found it difficult to push the door in a moving train . I decided to go and see what that door was meant for . To my horror it turned out to be the door of the main electrical switch board . The latch was broken and so with the train's movement it was opening and shutting with force . I thought of clicking from my mobile for a post on this blog. Though the journey was uneventful , I was thinking of the dangers and the callousness of the railway staff especially the waiters who frequently travel and have a better access to the concerned authorities .