Sunday, January 06, 2008

' Paperless Office !!! '

This is regarding what looks like an attempt by a Government office to give a look like a multinational corporate office .

I had an occasion to visit the Insurance office to renew my car insurance . As it has happened many a times , my agent just ' forgets ' to collect the premium from me and then I have to dash on the last due date to keep up the ' appointment ' with this office . I remember going here a couple of years ago and seeing the mess around . The staff has always been very cheerful , smiling and joking and willing to help and cooperate but the office used to be in a mess -- organized disorganization .

This year there were noticeable changes . I reached the office at 1.15 after my clinic work. I went in the office with the last years premium in hand and inquired at the first table as to who was dealing with this work . The clerk pointed to a well fed , well dressed lady sitting and staring at a computer in front of her and referring to some papers . She looked up with a smile and directed me to a person on the other side of the dividing compartment . I went up to him , a pleasant looking person with ' a peon promoted to a clerk ' look on the face. He stared at the papers and started hammering at the key board in front of him . It was 1.20 pm and the cashiers notice showed lunch time from 1.30 to 2.00 . I was praying that the clerk would give me the papers in time . Till then I had a look around as I had nothing else to do .To my left and back was the new layout of the " corporate office ". I had not noticed it when I went first to that lady . It looked quite impressive with bright light and fewer piles of papers and files , chairs and tables neatly arranged --an open office . I was wondering where have all the files and papers of yesteryears gone . I looked to my right and with a shock noticed the stacked up gunny bags of papers , broken chairs , tables and discarded furniture. I thought of writing formy blog and hurriedly clicked photos on my mobile phone for this post . I was scared of being noticed of carrying out this ' sting operation ' .

Till my ' operation ' I had forgotten about my clerk who was cursing and banging on the CPU as it was running slow and he wanted printouts of my policy .He was also concerned about the time and called out to the cashier to not to close the window till he accepted my cheque. At last he succeeded at about 1.40 and I could manage to pay , get that same dolled up lady's sign , and came back . Well thanks to a very cooperative staff not found in many Govt establishments . Also I look forward to visiting this place next year just to find where the sacks and furniture would be .