Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 th November !!!!

Post operation , she was busy with the physiotherapist , who would faithfully make her walk. He put in his best efforts but my mother was too weak and with the anaemia and total anorexia it was going to be a very tough and slow recovery . After 2 units of packed cell infusion and stabilisation of electrolytes and S Creatinine we took her home on the 1st October in the hope that she may recover faster , out of the hospital environment . Orthopaedically she was fine ,walking with and without the walker, of course with someone's support . She never really recovered medically and psychologically .

Her best day was on the 28th Sunday when my cousin brother Devang visited to invite for his wedding . She liked the sari which he gave and asked for the 'fall - beading ' to be done . She also had instructed to put her name on the cover so that it did not get mixed up with Shami's or Nisha's sarees. She also promised to attend the wedding on 25th Nov. But it was not to be.

On the 31st October , she developed sudden hypotension and urinary output started declining . It was indeed end stage renal failure . She was shifted to an ICU nearby their house on Ghodbunder Road .and was under care of Dr.Modi an intensivist and Dr.Gunjotikar a nephrologist . They tried their best to revive the dropping BP and renal function but there was no significant urinary output and she went into stupor and coma later on after 3rd November . We mutually decided not to go in for the ventilator as it becomes traumatic on the relatives to wean away from the life support later on. She also was not in the fitness for dialysis. Taking into account her overall condition we all gave the permission to the doctors to let her be in peace with minimal life support like oxygen , drips of Dobutamine and Dopamine to maintain the BP. and suction for the inevitable pulmonary oedema developing . She started sinking on the night of 4th Nov. and on 5th Nov. at 2.15 pm her tracings were flat . She was gasping but in coma , it was traumatic to see her in that condition and not do a thing . I broke down a couple of days later with her gasping face haunting me and I said ' How did I not do anything and stood there helpless being a doctor ' .My daughter comforted me by saying ' You have done the best you could in the circumstances '.

She had waited till the 5th to bless me on my birthday and also bless my brother Satish and his wife Nisha on their wedding anniversary which also is on 5th Nov. Dear Mom !! We will never forget you on a 5th of November !!!!!

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