Friday, August 10, 2007

At last , Admission done !!!

At last the long wait is over . Supriya got admission to the 4 year degree course in Pharmaceutical Sciences [ B. Pharm ] in Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan's College of Pharma at Dombivli in the second round of Centralised Admission Process [ CAP ] . This CAP is of 3 rounds. The application is online and after applying , they display the full merit list. Next is applying for the 1st round of CAP, wherein you have to give choice of colleges and if alloted you have to report to the college and you are out of the next rounds even if you don't take the alloted college. [ Photo of college entrance from their website ]

So we applied for the best 5 in round 1 knowing fully well that wewont get in , but gamble for a better choice in the next round . That is exactly what happened as her few friends placed above her in the merit list had given all choices in the 1st round and got allotted in some college in Ulhasnagar which was not among her preferences .

We were a bit anxious till the allotments for 2nd round was displayed and were very happy to get this college as it is 5th ranked among 14 , affiliated to Mumbai University. It is convenient to approach as she will have to travel in the opposite direction to the morning local rush.The timings are from 9.30 to 5.00 and they have college bus service from Dombivli station to college which takes about 15 min by rickshaw--share a rick available @Rs 6 each. The college was inaugurated 1993 and is beautifully built .

Supriya is very happy as she got the field she wanted and also because she can interact with me in subject matters . The curriculum is quite interesting and is an amalgamation of Medicine , Engineering , Organic Chem and Bio tech. Seems very interesting .

I still feel she could have got into UDCT or Bombay College of Pharma if this reservation policy as well as the breakup of seats into home and out of home university areas was not existing. Out of acapacity of 60 seats in each colleges only about 8 to 9 seats remain for Home and Open category. That is frustrating. This topic requires another post .

Looking forward to some new interaction as none amongst our family members are in this field .

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