Sunday, February 25, 2007

Surprise call

A call from a long lost friend.Today I was browsing on the computer when Shyamala,my wife, entered talking to someone on the phone and whispered a name to me as she was talking.The name did sound familiar but could not believe my ears and continued with my work.She then said 'Here talk to Ajit 'and told me 'It is Gabale on the phone,Yes Dr. Gabale 'she repeated.

I just couldn't believe it and on saying 'hello ',the other accented voice talked in a bit hesitant Marathi.It was indeed Dr.Deven Gabale with whom I lost touch in the early eighties , when he went to UK to study further after completing his MS in General Surgery from our Grant Medical College.Below the view of the college library and the main JJ Hospital Building in the background from the JJ Flyover.I used to be updated on his progress from other friends.He did his FRCS in Urology in UK and then went to USA .Thats it . No further news for the past almost 25 years till today's phone call.

We exchanged a lot of news just like any long lost friends.Our kids are almost similar age groups and we both wished the next generation do get to know each other well as the world is much ,much smaller compared to our times.

He is leaving on the 27th night flight back to his home and work as a practicing urologist in Philadelphia, USA and how I wish we had more time to spend. Sincerely await his promised visit this December.

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Dr. A said...

Thanks so much for the link. I've added you to my link list as well. Great blog. Keep up the great work!