Monday, February 12, 2007

Board Exams

At last the much awaited XII Board exams have started.Today was the first day of practicals for my daughter Supriya. Though most of yesterday was spent in tension , I was happy when she told me in the evening " Papa lets go for a ride,but no going to anyones home or getting out of the car". My wife Shyamala and we planned to take her to Brahmala Lake, which we all had seen except her. On reaching there ,she reluctantly got down but then thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the lake. She was very pleased to actually see the place ,which we used to describe.

From there we went to the Pokhran lake, where we did not get down from the car but just sat watching the people around and entertaining ourselves by commenting on them. We saw a group of oversized girls standing near a bhel- puriwala ,and saw them enjoying every morsel of it ,when a brisk walk round the lake was really necessary instead. We wanted to gorge on peanuts . After a long patient wait for the chanawala, who did not turn up as otherwise they are seen in plenty, pestering us to buy in their typical nasal way of saying "chanaaa --khara singh chanawalaaaa ", we returned home.

Today morning Supriya went in a relaxed way and was more reassured when she met her friend who had already given the practicals a few days earlier. How fortunate these students are to give their practicals in the familiar surroundings of their own laboratories .

I remember, in our times the centers were far away from home and in absolute new surroundings with unknown examiners. I was very lucky to have had Mr.CPN Menon my professor from SIES college as the head examiner for Physics . He was a very good teacher but a terror in the minds of students . He had a reputation of being strict , very precise and also known to ask eccentric questions like ' have you weighed the prism" or "Have you washed the prism " etc, which I personally doubt as I think he was not at all wicked . In these days of power shedding , we really do not know how they are going to conduct the exams as the timings for load shedding are either from 7.30 am to 11.00 am,or 9.00 am to 12.30 noon or 11.30 am to 3.00 pm. Tomorrow is Chemistry and next day Biology practicals . Next week the theory starts and ends on 5th March after which we all will be free.

Best Wishes for all those appearing for exams this year !!!!

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