Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wedding at a Water Park

Thane city has some lovely water resorts nearby , the Suraj Water Park being the nearest . Snap above of the decorated main gate . This is a favorite spot for picnickers especially for schools in Thane . My daughter, Supriya , has visited it many times and had also got lost with her friends when the park was new and not yet fully functional . fortunately they had met a worker who guided them properly.

Last week on 23rd , 'Vasant Panchami day ', snap of the moon on this auspicious day , I had been there to attend a wedding reception. I had taken my camera to click photos at night when it would be lit up. We have passed by it many times during daytime and so I was eager to see it at night.

Here are some snaps. The cool green lawns and the stage,decorated and lovely to see.

The weather was cold and cooler still on the lawns in the open air . It was a good get together and met many families known to me . I had to rush back to work as I had kept the clinic open to avoid inconvenience to my was indeed a very good outing and for a while we tend to forget the hustle and bustle of the city. On coming out of the park it was back to driving in the heavy traffic of Ghodbunder Road .

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dimpy roy said...

Good one. I really liked the idea. Keep sharing post like this. A special mention goes to the huge statue of Lord Shiva with water coming out from his hair-locks--a well known concept in Indian mythology. Check out more about Suraj Water Park.