Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Yes indeed !! We celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary on Saturday the 23rd December.It was great to be among friends and family and be the centre of attraction all the time.It is a great feeling to see children witnessing their parent's marriage like ceremony and the incidental putting of garlands, clapping of hands going around, leg pulling, the cacophony in the hall,clicking of cameras,cutting of cakes,relatives asking the bride and groom [ that is us ] to take each others name in some poetic way [ ukhana ] It does take you back 25 years to that day.23rd December is also my son Rahul's birthday He completed 24 years.In the picture is Priya, my cousin and KD kaka,my aunts husband,both of 23rd December.In the late 80s and early 90s,we all used to be in Goa for Christmas vacation and 23rd used to be celebrated in the identical way.We did relive those memories that day.

We started planning in September after getting sufficient reminders from relatives that it was the silver year and that they wanted a party.We first booked the hall in Royal Inn Hotel.We selected this as it is conveniently located. The managers and staff know me well as our conferences and seminars are held there frequently.The biggest attraction is the quality of food and service.I really wanted the party in a open lawn, away from the city.There are many such places along the Ghodbunder Road,but it would have been difficult for relatives from downtown Mumbai to come and also traffic jams along Ghodbunder Road which is undergoing massive renovation.Next was drawing up the guest list,printing of invitation cards,fixing up the menu,deciding on the clothes to wear on that day and do the shopping for that,ordering cake and roses for the guests.Since we had done the ground work and planning so much in advance, we now appreciate how smooth the function went through and how little trouble we had.We did have a good experience of hosting a large scale function of my son, Rahul's,thread ceremony in 1994.

My parents arrived on Sunday the 17th morning from Goa. Rahul arrived same day in afternoon from Kozhikode for his term break after a week of intense term exam.We gave a final touch to tentative menu given to the hotel and confirmed it to them.That week went in shopping and then the day arrived.Afternoon was spent in a light lunch and household ceremonies.That's my mother and Nisha,my brother's wife doing the 'Aarti'.

More of the party in the next post.


Ps said...

Hearty congrats to you both.25 years is so long!Like the mastercard ad says.."25 years--more better than worse.Priceless"

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