Sunday, January 14, 2007

Piped Gas

Mahanagar Gas is here. A month ago officials of the Mahanagar Gas Ltd [ MGL ] visited our society to survey and get the list of members ready to subscribe .I have seen the work of main pipelines of MGL being laid along the Highway a few years ago, on my morning walks around town.I had come to know of connections being given to residents across the highway that is the west side.I used to wonder when they would approach us.As a kid I had seen piped gas, of Bombay Coal Gas , in my grandmother's neighbour's house in Dadar.Now after about 40 years I have been waiting like a kid for the piped connection in our house.

Last Thursday,I saw many labourers with MGL jackets,which are flourescent at night , troop into the society. They work to a plan given by their supervising Engineers and complete a particular area even if it is late in the night. Digging is first, if the trenches get waterlogged they pump out the water.Then they lay the yellow colored pipelines probably made of PVP, cover with a sheet of some plastic material with "Danger Gas Pipeline Below " printed on it and finally they cover with mud. The trenches branch off as seen in the photos so that they reach where the kitchens of the society wings are placed. Yesterday the digging was in the parking area so that all cars had to be parked on the lane outside the compound. Today being Sunday no workers has turned up and so the cars are still out.

It takes about 6 months from registration for the Gas to be operational in the premises . Hopefully by May end it will be goodbye to cylinder refills and the anxious wait for them to be delivered.

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