Monday, January 15, 2007

Kachrali Lake

This lake is very near our house and is visible from our bedroom windows.The name gives the impression of something like dirt or dirty [ Kachra in Marathi is dirt ] but in reality it is the best lake in town.It's walkway around the lake is within it's compound and so safe from the traffic.It is well maintained probably being close to the main Municipal offices. It has a play area for kids.A small Ganesh temple where there is a rush on Tuesdays and Chaturthi days . On Sankashti Chaturthi , one can here melodious devotional songs [ Bhajans ] with the unique rhythm of the drums [mrudang and cymbals] accompanied by the sweet voice of the lead singer going on late in the quiet of the night . The lake has facility for boat rides but fortunately no motor boats,only rowing and pedal ones. It's walkway is surrounded by greenery and tall trees which give a feeling as though we are on some hill resort away from the city. I would love to mention here that these tall trees are actually transplanted ones from other roads which were widened 10 years ago.They were thus spared being chopped thanks to the then Mun. Commissioner Mr Chandrashekhar now in charge of MMRDA the development authority for Mumbai. On my walk today morning I decided to take a round of the lake and click from all angles possible from my new found friend , ignoring the curious and at times irritated looks of the walkers.I entered from the main gate situated on the north west and first clicked the play area.Then further was the Ganesh temple and the docking area of the boats.Going round in the clockwise direction,I managed to click the lake from north east,then southeast and last the southwest points,where the smaller gate is located. It feels great to click photos at will,upload on the computor , sort them subjectwise and put them on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

It was good to see the beautiful pictures of the Kacharali lake in your blog. I have fond memory of the place when I visited it with my father a couple of years ago. The place energizes the body and nourishes the soul, young and young at heart alike. Is there an organization to contact for getting involved in improving the place?