Saturday, January 13, 2007

Collage on ' THE WALL '

My sister in law Nimatai from Canada is always upto something unique.They are treasures and surprises worth preserving . This year she had made a collage for her youngest sister's Silver Anniversary. She has a good collection of photos which she scans and cuts to make these collages.Last time she had made on on my In-laws 60th wedding anniversary a few years ago.

In our living room we have a wall in what was my balcony which we altered to include it in the living room. That is a place where we display cards or drawings like in an Art Gallery. This year I put up all the cards received for our anniversary as well as Rahul's birthday.I also wanted to display the collage amongst the cards. Fortunately I got an idea of supporting the laminated collage on the opened cards and luckily for me it did not give way even after I finished clicking the photos.

' THE WALL ' looks really great in the dim light at night

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