Monday, December 11, 2006

MASTACON 2006 Day 2

Day 2 of the conference was very interesting.I was particularly interested in the talk by our teacher Dr.V.N Shrikhande,the emminent and world famous Gastro Enterologist Surgeon practicing at Hindu Colony Dadar Mumbai.Even at this age of almost 75 years , he is so active and lively.He spoke on upper GI problems especially related to the Hepato Biliary system and Pancrease.He has a very typical way of talking , slow with a slight stammer and dragging of some words. Being an authority in his field it is always a pleasure listening to him.In simple words and quoting practical clinical experiences,he takes us through the topic right from the origins to the latest trends in the world.

Hearing him ,my mind went back to the 3 months we spent with him in my second year as student in 1973-74 at GT Hospital.Some of us were invited to see a rare operation of vaso-vasostomy at his private clinic at Dadar.This operation was an attempt to reverse the family planning operation of vasectomy needed especially in some unfortunate patients who had lost their sibling after undergoing sterilisation [male ] the technique had just emerged in the world and our Sir was among the first few in India to attempt it with a fare amount of success.

GT Hospital also reminds me of a very personal unique experience.I was a student of St.Xaviers High School Dhobi Talao Mumbai from 5th to 7th standard in 1962-65 . It used to be a full day school with a short and long recess.In the lunch break,we all used to finish our tiffins fast and have a game of cricket in the big school ground.Many a times our ball used to get hit across the compound and and we had to retreive it by jumping over the fencing.I always used to wonder what was in the adjoining area across the school compound , as it used to be full of green sheets hung up to dry and some stone walled buildings . Somehow I never asked nor did I attempt to know what was there across . I had to leave the school after 7th as my Dad had a job in Lonavla , a hill station about 70 kms from Mumbai.I studied from 8th to 11th in Don Bosco there and came to Thane , about 30 kms from Mumbai for my first year and inter in college.

In 1971 I got admission to Grant Madical College and in the second year we had to do terms in the satellite hospitals like GT and St Georges .My first visit to GT Hosp.was for a 3 month Orthopaedic term.On day 1 ,we were asked to go to the OPD.We ambled across to the stone walled Building and into the Doctor's chamber. As our Sir was yet to arrive I went across to the window to have a peep outside and what a sight !!! Across the fencing I could spot children in a familiar uniform playing cricket and at times jumping across this way to fetch their balls among the green sheets left to dry in the sun !!!! Couldn't believe my eyes !!

Got it ????

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