Monday, November 27, 2006


MASTACON stands for the annual event of Maharashtra Indian Medical Association Conference.This year Thane city was the host and was held from 24th Nov to 26th Nov.I had started writing this post on the 27th,and now I am continuing writing after a long gap.It is 8th Dec today.The sessions started with breakfast at 9 am,The presentations were from 9.30 to 1.30.Then a lunch break for an hour.The afternoon sessions were from 2.30 to 5.00.Banquets from 7.00 pm onwards.I had to keep my clinic closed in the morning to hear some topics of interest to me like Diabetes, a workshop on HIV--AIDS ,Abdominal emergencies related to Diabetes.

Apart from the technical discussions,what was interesting was my classmates presenting their lectures.Dr.Vijay Panikkar was my chief attraction on day one.The session was hosted by another of my classmates,Dr.Vijay Neglur.Dr. Panikkar has not changed one bit since the college days.It was so thrilling to see a classmate,with whom we had studied sitting in the same classroom and all the mischiefs,the college elections-he was elected as Cultural Secretary--, standing on the stage to give a talk with all LCD projections and slide presentations. Very mischevious and knowledgable.An authority on Diabetes and a leading practitioner in Dadar Mumbai.He speakes in simple terms and very practical.He always gives day to day experiences and gave an example of a senior couple sitting with drooping faces in front of him,they had come to consult him after visiting ' n ' number of doctors and to see if this one has anything new to offer especially regarding diet.Diabetes is such a thing that no one likes to hear about do's and dont's of diet ,with the complicated calorie calculations which the dieticians give.So after the couple were checked up and after dicussion regarding medicines ,etc was over the dreaded topic of diet came up.The man asked 'what should we eat,looking sideways at his wife and expecting the usual list. Dr Vijay said" Dont worry,eat everything yes everything " surprising the couple. He added jokingly that the look on their faces was as if they had come at a wrong place and the doctor doesn't seem to know anything."Yes everything ' he repeated again" except that eat half of what is normally eaten".The couple were satisfied that the dreaded topic of diet was finished in a few words only.the only caution was regular monitoring of blood sugar.

Dr.Vijay went on to say that senior people on being detected for diabetes are at the mercy of their near and dear ones,who in good faith actually make the life of that person miserable.Each member of the family offers different advise and the poor old man may die due to some cause other than his diabetes.We too follow same principles in treating patients especially seniors who in this fag end of their lives should not be made to suffer psychologically.

More about the MASTACON lectures and the Banquets in coming posts.

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