Sunday, October 08, 2006

One more lake in lake city

One more lake beautified and opened to the public.A few days back we had been to a house warming ceremony.This was on the 11th floor in an area known as Khopat in Thane.As we went round the house ,we went to the balcony of the master bedroom.Oh what a view,we could see most of the northern and east side of Thane and right below was a beautiful lake,with a richly green layout and a walking track around it.I realised that it was the Brahmala Lake.

On my morning walks around town,I used to pass this area.About 9 years back this lake didn't exist.It was surrounded by unauthorised shops,workshops godowns and bakery and cowsheds behind.9 years ago when Thane city was remade,I have seen the transformation taking place like shops,workshops and cowsheds being relocated.Then I could see the filled up lake and the dirt and squalour.Over the next few years,the lake was desilted,I could see truckloads being taken away,the road being dirty outside because of the mud and dirt falling off the trucks.It used to be muddy and slippery to walk on the road near the proposed lake which was nowhere in was like patiently waiting for some goodies to unfold.

Two years ago the lake finally did shape up,but without the surounding garden and walking paths.I have witnessed the workers transforming the whole landscape,like an artist completing a full scene,right from the initial rough sketch to the final fine touches to finish the picture.Yesterday morning on my long walks as I was returning by this lake I noticed how complete and beautiful it looked from near and so decided to visit in the evening with Shyamala my wife.As we entered the garden I looked up at the 11th floor balcony from where we had noticed the lake from.We took a walk round the well lit and absolutely green area round the lake.Then we sat on one of the benches along the lake looking at the fortunate residents of Thane who have this previledge of having lakes as compared to Mumbai suburbs.We also consider ourselves lucky to be staying in Thane and have such facilities and a cooperative Municipality,who cares.

The only sore point was the rubbish dump outside for which the people are responsible.Till we develope some discipline and civic sense,we are far from being one among the great cities wordwide.

May we see more miracles in the city in the years to come.