Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teacher's Day

As school children,so many years ago,we used to look forward to this day.Looking at the senior students taking over the class,I used to dream of taking over that role in the years to come.Some were very serious in their new roles,some used to take it lightly and some used to immitate teachers.Great fun!!

As I am writing my mind goes back on a special programme on a popular news channel, in honour of today's day,the topic relating to teachers getting a fair deal or not.This was in relation to the fatal attack on the professor.The events were not only disgusting but also a fear in the minds of all whether justice will be done or not, looking at our past dismal judiciary histories.

Much has been said about reforms in the educational system,ever since the time I really started taking interest in the topic and think on what basically is lacking.Foremost is the vast difference in the pattern if elections.We had in our times fights on topics directly concerning the institution only and see now.All political parties have an agenda which has nothing to do about the colleges but only to groom youngsters into the kind of politics we witness today.Do we have quality to emmulate and idolise?Most of the leaders have questionable background so it is natural that candidates are like them and get elected on methods that are witnessed today ..Common students are just witnesses and are coerced into voting.Their sole aim is to do well and get a good job,but in this process the whole schedule gets disrupted by strikes,bunds,loss of teaching talent and study hours leading to dissapointing performances.

What exactly does the education department achieve in the term of a minister in charge.Does the minister have a real interest in his portfolio or looks at it as something less paying and less recognizable?It seems they derive pleasure in disrupting a smooth sailing system by topics like reservations,board exams in lower classes,changing syllabus especially History ,to fit into party agenda.

Have a look around the proliferation of tuition classes.Education is given a great priority in many countries next to defence.Are we any where near them?We look at it as a thriving Industry with I presume vested interests.Does anyone know how much the fees are.A simple solution would be to ban all private tuition classes,instead of banning bars and TV channels,raise the salaries of teachers to comfort zones but make them answerable,give incentive to teachers who give results and also give them a free hand to take extra lectures if they wish, in the premises only.Raise the fees of students.They wont mind paying ,as it is they get fleeced by private tuitions.What is the use if the Govt.gives free education with mediocre teachers and students are paying through their noses outside as well as compromising on their play time and other extra curricular activities.Govt need not subsidise education.They should arrange long term loans .

My last question. Has any Professor or teacher,anywhere in the world got killed or attacked by his own students?

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