Sunday, September 03, 2006

Emotional attachment

This is for my two wheeler and my car.

I prefer commuting to my workplace [my clinic]on my two wheeler-a 150 HP LML Vespa scooter-as my clinic is just 200 meters away from my residence.This is a 1995 model and is still giving me good service with minor maintenance.A month ago the piston got jammed, there was no compression and it would not start at the fuel station.I pushed it back home,got it repaired and was back on the road in a weeks time.I had told the mechanic not to spend too much on it as I was planning to get a new scooter a Honda Eterno in the near future.He comforted me by saying it wouldn't cost much and otherwise the scooter was in good condition.I knew fully well within me about my attachment to my scooter.
Today I had gone to the market about 2.5 kms away and on the return trip got a flat tyre, fortunately near my residence.The person who replaced the tyre tube told me about the bad condition of the tyre and advised me to get a new one.I again told him I was going to get a new one in the near future,knowing fully well that I was not going to do that.

This has happened a few times in the past also and I feel the only reason for postponing my plan is a sort of attachment that I feel for it.The same thing had happened many years ago.In 1978 I had purchased my first scooter a Vijai Super again 150 cc HP model with a taller seating arrangement compared to others available then.It had been just launched and was among the first batch to be delivered in town.After using it for almost 17 years I reluctantly got the one I am using now.Riding on the new one I used to look around to spot the old one.One day a scooter whizzed past me and there it was my MTY 8384 [its registration number],My wife was the pillion rider and we both were quite thrilled but alas I never saw it again.

Many advise me to go in for modern machines available now with great looks,higher efficiency and additional features.Something holds me back.It is definitely not the cost, they are reasonably priced and financial assistance is also available.

What is that something ?? Will let you know as soon as I get one.It's the same with my car.But that will be another post as there are many instances I want to share, when you get a feeling that the vehicle is not inanimate.You feel it responds in appreciation to the care and love one bestows on it.I am sure many must be having similar experien

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