Saturday, September 09, 2006

Communal Harmony

A sad day for the country and the civilised world.Bomb blasts at Malegaon city in the state of Maharashtra,about 200 kms from Mumbai,has shattered the lifes of so many.It has rekindled the memories of those who have lost their near and dear ones in the blasts that have shaken the country and the world.It is good that people have realised that terrorism has no religion,no boundaries.Politicians have refrained from taking undue advantage of such incidences to stoke communal hatred for their own agenda.People are seeing through these games now.

My salutes to the people of Malegaon and Mumbai earlier to have kept up communal harmony in these painful moments.This is a definite setback to the dirty designs of terrorist networks,who would have thrived on a flareup of violence.I hope the terror groups will start getting less support from the black sheep of the society .Common people are least interested in these activities,they are more interested in their efforts of getting their daily bread.

Lax administration,poor inteligence network,political / criminal nexus and less people awareness are some of the key factors for terror.Political will and peoples participation is the need today.Mohhalla committies and alert citizens can spot nefarious activities in the bud and put an end to terror.

Long live communal harmony !!!!

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