Thursday, August 31, 2006

In-laws visit

What is faith in any field especially in doctors is ably demonstrated by my mother-in-law.
She had undergone an angioplasty a few years ago after a brief period of repeated attacks of unstable angina.She used to get some pains in the teeth after that, but being shattered after the cardiac problem at this age after being trouble free for the past almost 80 years of her life,she had become paranoid.Her cardiologist tried in vain to explain that it is not a recurrence of angina-he even did another angiography to rule out .
Ultimately she decided to see my dentist here.She came all the way from Andheri,a western suburb of Mumbai,and about 30 kms,a good hour's drive in the heavy Mumbai traffic.Now here comes the doctor's role.Dr.Balaji R a young enthusiastic dentist,in practise for about 5 years took charge of her.After carefully examining her,.he explained in the most lay person's language her that her problem was due to age related loss of enamel as well as regression of the gums,which expose the nerves leading to sensitive teeth.Apart from giving her some corrective treatment it was his wonderful way of convincing that it was indeed a dental problem and nothing else.She was then at peace with herself and happy now.
Dr.Balaji will shortly be going to UK.He has recently cleared a set of exams to go to UK.Last night he phoned us in an excited tone that he had just recieved the final result that he has cleared the most difficult final test and that he is now welcome to the UK.
That's the In-laws visit today.She was thrilled about her Doctor's success as well as the ? about the future-a mixed feeling !!This is one of her regular visit to us to meet us and stay with us but I get that feeling it is especially to meet her saviour. That's what Faith and Trust is all about !!!

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