Monday, December 11, 2006

Co Author

Do welcome me as a co author to Dear Ajitbhai. I have a great opportunity to contribute to the blog and make it more interesting . Looking forward to giving sometime in the day to sit and type to this wonderful blog and the concept of blogging.

MASTACON 2006 Day 2

Day 2 of the conference was very interesting.I was particularly interested in the talk by our teacher Dr.V.N Shrikhande,the emminent and world famous Gastro Enterologist Surgeon practicing at Hindu Colony Dadar Mumbai.Even at this age of almost 75 years , he is so active and lively.He spoke on upper GI problems especially related to the Hepato Biliary system and Pancrease.He has a very typical way of talking , slow with a slight stammer and dragging of some words. Being an authority in his field it is always a pleasure listening to him.In simple words and quoting practical clinical experiences,he takes us through the topic right from the origins to the latest trends in the world.

Hearing him ,my mind went back to the 3 months we spent with him in my second year as student in 1973-74 at GT Hospital.Some of us were invited to see a rare operation of vaso-vasostomy at his private clinic at Dadar.This operation was an attempt to reverse the family planning operation of vasectomy needed especially in some unfortunate patients who had lost their sibling after undergoing sterilisation [male ] the technique had just emerged in the world and our Sir was among the first few in India to attempt it with a fare amount of success.

GT Hospital also reminds me of a very personal unique experience.I was a student of St.Xaviers High School Dhobi Talao Mumbai from 5th to 7th standard in 1962-65 . It used to be a full day school with a short and long recess.In the lunch break,we all used to finish our tiffins fast and have a game of cricket in the big school ground.Many a times our ball used to get hit across the compound and and we had to retreive it by jumping over the fencing.I always used to wonder what was in the adjoining area across the school compound , as it used to be full of green sheets hung up to dry and some stone walled buildings . Somehow I never asked nor did I attempt to know what was there across . I had to leave the school after 7th as my Dad had a job in Lonavla , a hill station about 70 kms from Mumbai.I studied from 8th to 11th in Don Bosco there and came to Thane , about 30 kms from Mumbai for my first year and inter in college.

In 1971 I got admission to Grant Madical College and in the second year we had to do terms in the satellite hospitals like GT and St Georges .My first visit to GT Hosp.was for a 3 month Orthopaedic term.On day 1 ,we were asked to go to the OPD.We ambled across to the stone walled Building and into the Doctor's chamber. As our Sir was yet to arrive I went across to the window to have a peep outside and what a sight !!! Across the fencing I could spot children in a familiar uniform playing cricket and at times jumping across this way to fetch their balls among the green sheets left to dry in the sun !!!! Couldn't believe my eyes !!

Got it ????

Monday, November 27, 2006


MASTACON stands for the annual event of Maharashtra Indian Medical Association Conference.This year Thane city was the host and was held from 24th Nov to 26th Nov.I had started writing this post on the 27th,and now I am continuing writing after a long gap.It is 8th Dec today.The sessions started with breakfast at 9 am,The presentations were from 9.30 to 1.30.Then a lunch break for an hour.The afternoon sessions were from 2.30 to 5.00.Banquets from 7.00 pm onwards.I had to keep my clinic closed in the morning to hear some topics of interest to me like Diabetes, a workshop on HIV--AIDS ,Abdominal emergencies related to Diabetes.

Apart from the technical discussions,what was interesting was my classmates presenting their lectures.Dr.Vijay Panikkar was my chief attraction on day one.The session was hosted by another of my classmates,Dr.Vijay Neglur.Dr. Panikkar has not changed one bit since the college days.It was so thrilling to see a classmate,with whom we had studied sitting in the same classroom and all the mischiefs,the college elections-he was elected as Cultural Secretary--, standing on the stage to give a talk with all LCD projections and slide presentations. Very mischevious and knowledgable.An authority on Diabetes and a leading practitioner in Dadar Mumbai.He speakes in simple terms and very practical.He always gives day to day experiences and gave an example of a senior couple sitting with drooping faces in front of him,they had come to consult him after visiting ' n ' number of doctors and to see if this one has anything new to offer especially regarding diet.Diabetes is such a thing that no one likes to hear about do's and dont's of diet ,with the complicated calorie calculations which the dieticians give.So after the couple were checked up and after dicussion regarding medicines ,etc was over the dreaded topic of diet came up.The man asked 'what should we eat,looking sideways at his wife and expecting the usual list. Dr Vijay said" Dont worry,eat everything yes everything " surprising the couple. He added jokingly that the look on their faces was as if they had come at a wrong place and the doctor doesn't seem to know anything."Yes everything ' he repeated again" except that eat half of what is normally eaten".The couple were satisfied that the dreaded topic of diet was finished in a few words only.the only caution was regular monitoring of blood sugar.

Dr.Vijay went on to say that senior people on being detected for diabetes are at the mercy of their near and dear ones,who in good faith actually make the life of that person miserable.Each member of the family offers different advise and the poor old man may die due to some cause other than his diabetes.We too follow same principles in treating patients especially seniors who in this fag end of their lives should not be made to suffer psychologically.

More about the MASTACON lectures and the Banquets in coming posts.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Control of Lipids

My first technically oriented blog today.

Dyslipidemia is very common in the affluent world.We in India and also most of Asia have an excess of the bad cholesterol [LDL ]as well as an increase in the Triglycerides,due to genetic factors or nowadays due to urbanisation and the ills of modernisation.Both are independant risk factors for cardiac events.Patients being symptom free are unaware of their problems until tested and hence are at the highest risk.Control of lipids is based on trials conducted basically by the western world. Cholesterol is controlled by statins and Triglycerides by fibrates.

Last night I attended a CME on"Newer paradigm in Lipid Management and Antiplatelet Therapy", sponsored by Shreya Life Sciences.The speakers were two eminent intervention cardiologists,Dr D Kumbla and Dr.S Shetty.The role of aspirin and statins were discussed on a more theoretical basis interspersed with few case experiences.It was a sort of revision for me of the various studies conducted worldwide as these topics are regularly presented at various CMEs.

Now for some personal experiences and trials that I have conducted and which was discussed in the Question Answer session conducted at the end. As a family physician,I deal mostly with primary prevention of cardiovascular problems.The patients are usually in midlife or nowadays even in late 30s due to the hectic lifestyles and stress.On routine screening they are usually uncomplicated cases, detected for the first time for impaired fasting sugar or glucose intolerance or dyslipidemia.They may or may not have hypertension,may or may not be overweight or obese.The advise is standardised text book like.Lifestyle modification like diet and exercise,giving up tobacco,control over alcohol, weight reduction and the medicines.

Here I am writing about medicines only in Lipids control.I put the patients on a daily dose of 10mg atorvastatin and 160 mg of fenofibrate for those having both high LDL and Triglycerides..I have noticed that my patients respond extremely well to 10 mg statin and I have never had to titrate the dose or add Ezetimibe.Cardiologist always recomend a combination of statin and Ezetemibe in all CMEs probably because they mostly see post event cases and are on secondary prevention.In the first follow up in 1 to 3 months,on seeing good control, I advise them to take a statin alternate day as on Monday,Wednesday and Friday and a Fibrate on Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday with a holiday on Sunday.Even with this pattern I have seen good control over the past few years followup.The positive thing is a greater patient compliance and better tolerability of the drugs as they have lesser side effects which are mostly general weakness and abdominal pains.I have not seen any case with the side effect of myopathy or rhabdomyolisis with these doses.

This was discussed in yesterday's CME and the cardiologists agreed that though this alternate day dosage is not studied or documented it is alright to have this regime as long as the patients are under regular supervision and followup.

I would like to know if any clinician has treated dyslipidemia in this way and their experiences. I have not been able to document my experiences due to lack of time in our setup of general practise.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

India and World Cricket

What a sight on the TV screen at the end of the final match .The night skyline was lit up with beautiful fire crackers.This match will be remembered for the revival of the matches at the nostalgic Brabourne Stadium, the unexpected showers which interrupted the one sided match,the monotony of an Aussie win absence of any Asian team and the TV presentation which became more worth watching than the cricket itself.India and the expert event managers of the Cricket board held the series in grand style ,with the likes of Mandira Bedi,who made it sure that all stayed glued to the TV and saw the commercials always and Cricket whenever it was interesting.

So we now come to the Title "India and World Cricket".What is India's and the Indian team's contribution.India has been always hospitable to any guests and especially so when there are celebrities.We feel honoured when all praise us in taking utmost care of the cricketers,their travelling,site seeing,lodging,receptions,functions in their honour,etc.This part is very well taken care of.
Now the Indian teams contribution.Well they participated in it whole heartedly,as though taking part in some celebrations.The ICC President has aptly said that India has the money but where is the cricket ? People fail to understand that India has just to participate.We are there to generate revenue for the individuals,the Board,the local Associations,the Sponsors.Cricket has been reduced to an event,no seriousness,no answerability as far as the Indian team is concerned.

What makes the other countries tick ? Not only cricket but other sports as well . Year after year as India performs miserably,the postmortems go on till the next event . Talking about cricket why is the selection made on past performances and past glories ? Is it wrong to drop a senior non performing player and take a young promising one,who is curently in great form ? I feel other countries especially Australia have developed their habit of winning because of merit and nothing else . Money corrupts absolutely, as shown by our players . I get the feeling that they spend more time in shoots than in the nets . My suggestion is that the Board should collect the lollies on their behalf and release the money as per their performances . No play no money . It looks so stupid seeing them dancing around and making faces in the ads that crop up when actually wickets are tumbling down or the bowlers are getting slaughtered . Don't they themselves feel ashamed or are they busy counting their lollies as criticism mounts and they turn a blind eye and deaf ears ?

The only heartening thing is the Midas Touch !! No country on this planet will criticise India's performance . They know and we also know India has to just participate and the money flows . ICC has made a great turnaround thanks to Indian Administrators . All the boards and the clubs reap a golden harvest as India participates . People forget the scores ,the losses,the humiliation that the spectators and not the players feel, we only remember the performance in the advertisements not on the field. Lavish praises will always be for the rival teams.

Hence forth my resolution is to see the game ,as a game we know, when other teams play and see it as a performance when India plays,as it looks like excellent acting when they stare at the bat,or shake their head,or limp or droop their head,or have a sorrowful face when returning to the pavilion . With this in mind it will not be necessary for me to write on this topic again.Blogging is great.So nice and relieved I feel on purging my mind of a pent up frustration on India and World Cricket.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

One more lake in lake city

One more lake beautified and opened to the public.A few days back we had been to a house warming ceremony.This was on the 11th floor in an area known as Khopat in Thane.As we went round the house ,we went to the balcony of the master bedroom.Oh what a view,we could see most of the northern and east side of Thane and right below was a beautiful lake,with a richly green layout and a walking track around it.I realised that it was the Brahmala Lake.

On my morning walks around town,I used to pass this area.About 9 years back this lake didn't exist.It was surrounded by unauthorised shops,workshops godowns and bakery and cowsheds behind.9 years ago when Thane city was remade,I have seen the transformation taking place like shops,workshops and cowsheds being relocated.Then I could see the filled up lake and the dirt and squalour.Over the next few years,the lake was desilted,I could see truckloads being taken away,the road being dirty outside because of the mud and dirt falling off the trucks.It used to be muddy and slippery to walk on the road near the proposed lake which was nowhere in was like patiently waiting for some goodies to unfold.

Two years ago the lake finally did shape up,but without the surounding garden and walking paths.I have witnessed the workers transforming the whole landscape,like an artist completing a full scene,right from the initial rough sketch to the final fine touches to finish the picture.Yesterday morning on my long walks as I was returning by this lake I noticed how complete and beautiful it looked from near and so decided to visit in the evening with Shyamala my wife.As we entered the garden I looked up at the 11th floor balcony from where we had noticed the lake from.We took a walk round the well lit and absolutely green area round the lake.Then we sat on one of the benches along the lake looking at the fortunate residents of Thane who have this previledge of having lakes as compared to Mumbai suburbs.We also consider ourselves lucky to be staying in Thane and have such facilities and a cooperative Municipality,who cares.

The only sore point was the rubbish dump outside for which the people are responsible.Till we develope some discipline and civic sense,we are far from being one among the great cities wordwide.

May we see more miracles in the city in the years to come.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hello Leopards

The city of Mumbai with all its congestion has its spots of greenery.It boasts of a wild life sanctuary, affectionately called 'Lungs of Mumbai', named after Sanjay Gandhi,which is centrally located in the suburbs dividing western and central suburbs.A lot of wild life abounds especially Leopards,their numbers increasing to an extent that they are invading the encroachments.[photo on left from and below from wikipedia]
Last Sunday evening,I got a call ,in an excited tone from my brother,staying on Ghodbunder road bordering the north eastern side of the National Park.On their evening walk at 6.00,at Sanghvi Hills near the foothills,they spotted 2 wildcats stretching and lazing on a ledge on top of a hill.A crowd had gathered mostly construction workers and they were viewing them through binoculars.On his urgent invitation,we managed to reach there in 45 mins,through the congested traffic,but could not spot the wild cats most likely lions as people described them as yellowish brown in color.Common sighting is of spotted leopards.People were talking about dogs disappearing and workers who were used to sleep outdoors moving indoors now.It is indeed thrilling to spot these wild animals in their natural surroundings,but scary too.This is a spot where many from nearby residencial areas go for a stroll in the evening.[ Photo from]
Viewed from a larger perspective, this appearance of cheetahs and lions only highlights the issue of rapacious builders intruding too fast on what is essentially a National Sanctuary. It isnt' simply Ghodbunder Road's sides that are being constructed upon anymore, but areas far away from the Road too. Sanghvi Hills is quite a distance away from the main road. Besides, only 3 years ago the entire area was virgin forest land. The politician-builder mafia's might and ruthlessness and malevolence is on full display here. I only hope this doesn't lead to the kinds of incidents we witnessed a couple of years ago in Powai.
Similar things are happening on the western borders of the Park in Borivli where Slums have encroached on their habitat.Attacks on humans is most frequent there as slum dwellers sleep in the open and visit the forest areas for illegal procurement of firewood as well as for their natural calls.
Mumbai requires its bit of greenery and sanctuaries but there seems to be no will to take care of the problem.In the long run people and animals both are going to suffer.In the short term it is the builders politicians and mafia who are going to benefit.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breathe Easy See Dirty

Confusing Title !! Today's blog is on based on what I see, what I hear and what I breathe on my daily morning walks around my city of Thane.As usual my wife Shyamala,and me left on our usual morning round taking a route along the express way on the service road.We walk for about 45 mins to an hour covering on an average a distance of 5 to 6 kms.We avoid going in parks or around the different lakes [The Lake City of Thane] as it is boring to see the same people again and again.Being a doctor I come across many of my known people and have to acknowledge their 'mornings or stop for some consultation.As this disturbs my walk,I prefer going on long stretches in the city.[Photo on right from Midday 28/04/06,on left from]

Coming to today's Title.I had noticed the pollution levels going down over the years ,especially after Thane was revamped , so many years ago and went on to win the' Title' of' Cleanest City of India' .We have many of these three wheeler small cabs called Autorickshaws running about town.They are seen in many South East Asian countries also and known as Bajaj,or Tuk- Tuks.Recently there was a news item that they will shortly run on the streets of London and be called Tuk Tuks.[Photo of auto from Wikipedia ]

Here they were seen as creating a lot of pollution.Today I was delighted to see markings of CNG [compressed natural gas ] in green on the front of these Autos.I was happy that they seem to be getting converted to CNG and thought it to be a good beginning.As I was walking my happiness got multiplied on seeing a large number of them almost every alternate one with CNG.We were breathing easy over the years now it will be easier. That is Breathe Easy.

Now over to See Dirty.Our city of Thane was supposed to have had about 60 lakes.Over the centuries about 30 are to be accountable,on this day, as per my right or wrong information.Our local authorities have done a wonderful job of renovating,beautifying and dredging most of them so as to look really presentable to anyone visiting this city.Alas ! our citizens do need disciplining.We see the wonderful parks,lakes,gardens of foreign countries on TV channels as also photos taken by friends and relatives going abroad.What ails our people when it comes to civic sense?It saddened me today, on seeing the massive pollution of Makhmali Talao,a lake about a km from my reside.This lake was seeing better days after a clean up,Bio treatment and people cooperating on not throwing garbage and flowers in the lake.I fail to understand what has occured suddenly .It was sad to see the greenish scum, plastic bags,flowers floating on the water.Unless people participate with a determined civic sense,a seriously lacking backup of authorities and leaders,we will not improve.Forget making Shanghai of Mumbai.People there must be making fool of us .We don't deserve Democracy. We need a Lee Kuan Yew.

Breathe Easy But See Dirty.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Munnabhai Again

It was great fun watching Lage Raho Munnabhai [LRM ].We had been to see this movie today in the comforts of Eternity Cinemax,very near to our residence.A couple of years ago, we had seen Munnabhai MBBS,a great story of a criminal reforming to be a doctor,and cures patients in a different hilarious way with his Jadu Ki Zhappi [A Magic Hug]. Today's movie was with the almost same actors but a different theme.Here a criminal, to win the heart of his beloved,gets work done not by violent means, which is his real way of working,but by non violence means, based on the teachings and advice of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation,who is visible to him only and not to others,in a ressurected form.

One has to see these wonderfully directed movies to really appreciate them.It is just not possible to describe them as a story on this blog nor can one narrate it to anyone.I must surely add them to my profile.I love to see such entertaining movies,as I am basically not inclined to view typical "Bollywood "stuff.Movies like LRM are pure entertainment.

Congrats to the Director,actors and all the support staff who have put in their efforts.Hats off to Circuit played by Arshad Warsi,Jhanvi played by Vidya Balan ,Lucky Singh played by Boman Irani and last but not the least Munnabhai by Sanjay Dutt.

Hoping to see more in these series, if at all, more are to come.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Communal Harmony

A sad day for the country and the civilised world.Bomb blasts at Malegaon city in the state of Maharashtra,about 200 kms from Mumbai,has shattered the lifes of so many.It has rekindled the memories of those who have lost their near and dear ones in the blasts that have shaken the country and the world.It is good that people have realised that terrorism has no religion,no boundaries.Politicians have refrained from taking undue advantage of such incidences to stoke communal hatred for their own agenda.People are seeing through these games now.

My salutes to the people of Malegaon and Mumbai earlier to have kept up communal harmony in these painful moments.This is a definite setback to the dirty designs of terrorist networks,who would have thrived on a flareup of violence.I hope the terror groups will start getting less support from the black sheep of the society .Common people are least interested in these activities,they are more interested in their efforts of getting their daily bread.

Lax administration,poor inteligence network,political / criminal nexus and less people awareness are some of the key factors for terror.Political will and peoples participation is the need today.Mohhalla committies and alert citizens can spot nefarious activities in the bud and put an end to terror.

Long live communal harmony !!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teacher's Day

As school children,so many years ago,we used to look forward to this day.Looking at the senior students taking over the class,I used to dream of taking over that role in the years to come.Some were very serious in their new roles,some used to take it lightly and some used to immitate teachers.Great fun!!

As I am writing my mind goes back on a special programme on a popular news channel, in honour of today's day,the topic relating to teachers getting a fair deal or not.This was in relation to the fatal attack on the professor.The events were not only disgusting but also a fear in the minds of all whether justice will be done or not, looking at our past dismal judiciary histories.

Much has been said about reforms in the educational system,ever since the time I really started taking interest in the topic and think on what basically is lacking.Foremost is the vast difference in the pattern if elections.We had in our times fights on topics directly concerning the institution only and see now.All political parties have an agenda which has nothing to do about the colleges but only to groom youngsters into the kind of politics we witness today.Do we have quality to emmulate and idolise?Most of the leaders have questionable background so it is natural that candidates are like them and get elected on methods that are witnessed today ..Common students are just witnesses and are coerced into voting.Their sole aim is to do well and get a good job,but in this process the whole schedule gets disrupted by strikes,bunds,loss of teaching talent and study hours leading to dissapointing performances.

What exactly does the education department achieve in the term of a minister in charge.Does the minister have a real interest in his portfolio or looks at it as something less paying and less recognizable?It seems they derive pleasure in disrupting a smooth sailing system by topics like reservations,board exams in lower classes,changing syllabus especially History ,to fit into party agenda.

Have a look around the proliferation of tuition classes.Education is given a great priority in many countries next to defence.Are we any where near them?We look at it as a thriving Industry with I presume vested interests.Does anyone know how much the fees are.A simple solution would be to ban all private tuition classes,instead of banning bars and TV channels,raise the salaries of teachers to comfort zones but make them answerable,give incentive to teachers who give results and also give them a free hand to take extra lectures if they wish, in the premises only.Raise the fees of students.They wont mind paying ,as it is they get fleeced by private tuitions.What is the use if the free education with mediocre teachers and students are paying through their noses outside as well as compromising on their play time and other extra curricular activities.Govt need not subsidise education.They should arrange long term loans .

My last question. Has any Professor or teacher,anywhere in the world got killed or attacked by his own students?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Emotional attachment

This is for my two wheeler and my car.

I prefer commuting to my workplace [my clinic]on my two wheeler-a 150 HP LML Vespa scooter-as my clinic is just 200 meters away from my residence.This is a 1995 model and is still giving me good service with minor maintenance.A month ago the piston got jammed, there was no compression and it would not start at the fuel station.I pushed it back home,got it repaired and was back on the road in a weeks time.I had told the mechanic not to spend too much on it as I was planning to get a new scooter a Honda Eterno in the near future.He comforted me by saying it wouldn't cost much and otherwise the scooter was in good condition.I knew fully well within me about my attachment to my scooter.
Today I had gone to the market about 2.5 kms away and on the return trip got a flat tyre, fortunately near my residence.The person who replaced the tyre tube told me about the bad condition of the tyre and advised me to get a new one.I again told him I was going to get a new one in the near future,knowing fully well that I was not going to do that.

This has happened a few times in the past also and I feel the only reason for postponing my plan is a sort of attachment that I feel for it.The same thing had happened many years ago.In 1978 I had purchased my first scooter a Vijai Super again 150 cc HP model with a taller seating arrangement compared to others available then.It had been just launched and was among the first batch to be delivered in town.After using it for almost 17 years I reluctantly got the one I am using now.Riding on the new one I used to look around to spot the old one.One day a scooter whizzed past me and there it was my MTY 8384 [its registration number],My wife was the pillion rider and we both were quite thrilled but alas I never saw it again.

Many advise me to go in for modern machines available now with great looks,higher efficiency and additional features.Something holds me back.It is definitely not the cost, they are reasonably priced and financial assistance is also available.

What is that something ?? Will let you know as soon as I get one.It's the same with my car.But that will be another post as there are many instances I want to share, when you get a feeling that the vehicle is not inanimate.You feel it responds in appreciation to the care and love one bestows on it.I am sure many must be having similar experien

Friday, September 01, 2006

My photo

New to blog,trying hard to get my photo displayed,not as a post,but getting it on blog page.Went through all instructions till getting it in html format and pasting the url on the profile page.Does the photo appear on the blog page or it is displayed on the my profile.will get through it.think i have to search photo less than 50k

That's me

That's me, posing for my son Rahul,on my favourite cane swing chair.This was about a year ago when he had bought his Sony digital camera.He had specifically asked me to hold my favourite Minolta camera,a 1981 model,which has given me immence pleasure of clicking photos of so many trips, functions and events over a long period of over 20 years.Times have changed ,it is now seeing photos on the screen instead of holding an album and navigating through all these memories of yesteryears.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

In-laws visit

What is faith in any field especially in doctors is ably demonstrated by my mother-in-law.
She had undergone an angioplasty a few years ago after a brief period of repeated attacks of unstable angina.She used to get some pains in the teeth after that, but being shattered after the cardiac problem at this age after being trouble free for the past almost 80 years of her life,she had become paranoid.Her cardiologist tried in vain to explain that it is not a recurrence of angina-he even did another angiography to rule out .
Ultimately she decided to see my dentist here.She came all the way from Andheri,a western suburb of Mumbai,and about 30 kms,a good hour's drive in the heavy Mumbai traffic.Now here comes the doctor's role.Dr.Balaji R a young enthusiastic dentist,in practise for about 5 years took charge of her.After carefully examining her,.he explained in the most lay person's language her that her problem was due to age related loss of enamel as well as regression of the gums,which expose the nerves leading to sensitive teeth.Apart from giving her some corrective treatment it was his wonderful way of convincing that it was indeed a dental problem and nothing else.She was then at peace with herself and happy now.
Dr.Balaji will shortly be going to UK.He has recently cleared a set of exams to go to UK.Last night he phoned us in an excited tone that he had just recieved the final result that he has cleared the most difficult final test and that he is now welcome to the UK.
That's the In-laws visit today.She was thrilled about her Doctor's success as well as the ? about the future-a mixed feeling !!This is one of her regular visit to us to meet us and stay with us but I get that feeling it is especially to meet her saviour. That's what Faith and Trust is all about !!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A great day today

Inspired by many especially my son Rahul,an ardent blogger with a great following,I have made a beginning to blog today.There are so many things to be narrated ,discussed and to be interacted that in this hectic daily grind it becomes impossible to get across to many people at one time.I have planned to devote some time daily in the afternoon when I have some time to spare in my clinical practice .More to come in the days to follow.